Our Strengths

  • Proven experience in Nigeria’s Power Supply Industry
  • Expertise in management of highly complex situations that demand the integration of a considerable number of interacting units
  • Expertise in project management and transformation management. Implementation of a market driven business approach
  • High variety of best practices that lead to measurable exceptional performance that have been successfully applied at leading organizations
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the Nigerian electricity sector regulatory reforms. Aloe & Squires has a thorough understanding of the electricity regulation in Nigeria based on our experience in assessing the regulatory framework for NERC and PHCN
  • Pioneering work in private sector ownership of power utilities

We bring a deep insight and performance track record to bear on all our engagements

  • Aloe & Squires’ strength is also in its ability to access knowledge and resources worldwide, thus ensuring that the perspectives we bring to client engagements are based on global benchmarks
  • We have conducted highly successful management consulting and Capacity Development engagements for a wide range of top companies across various industries in Nigeria
  • We possess a deep understanding of the Nigerian Power Sector and a unique insight into its peculiar operating needs having being the driving force assisting the Power Holding Company of Nigeria in implementing many of its most successful change initiatives